Voles Aurora Co

What To Know

Voles are small rodents that are also called meadow mice and field mice. They are between 5-8 inches long and live in the ground. Cousin to the mouse, they are brownish black with shorter, hairy tails and stouter bodies. Sometimes voles are mistaken for moles, shrews or mice so call My Pest Control for identification. You can observe vole activity both day and night but much more often during dusk and dawn.

Voles make a system of serpentine-shaped burrows and tunnels with many exit holes that are visible on the surface of the ground. These burrows are usually protected or covered by debris, decking, firewood, rocks, or storage sheds. Look for them in grassy or weedy areas or under heavy ground cover.

Females can reproduce up to 100 babies per year however, since voles are prey to foxes, owls, raccoons, cats, hawks, coyotes, snakes and falcons, they don’t usually survive more than a year. Voles prefer to eat plants, nuts, and fruit, along with an occasional dead animal. Allowed to spread, voles can become a real nuisance to landscaping and gardens. Because they target root systems for food they can cause extensive damage to trees, shrubs, young plants, and bulbs.

What To Look For

  • Evidence around small trees
  • Surface tunneling systems
  • Multiple exit holes
  • Burrows and tunnels under tall weeds, heavy ground cover, and grassy areas
  • Actual sightings of voles scurrying
  • Vole droppings around cut vegetation

What To Do

Call the professionals @ My Pest Control: (303) 343-1701