My Pest Control Denver Colorado


Great Exterminator!

What can I say, I am freaked out by bugs, enter My Pest Control. Prompt, Professional, and a great exterminator. His knowledge and experience in the industry is unbelievable. He goes the extra mile to make sure he takes care of your problem.

- Aurora, CO

Rescued from SPIDERS!

Am so grateful that he came to rescue us from the spiders! They were decidedly taking over the house in a scary way and I was getting very concerned about my son and the kittens and then my husband given some wicked looking brown spiders that started stringing webs in his sitting area. With one visit all of the indoor and outdoor problems were resolved!! Not afraid to even open a window and have a spider walk out any more for sure!

Taylor K. - Aurora, CO

We have used My Pest Control Co for 4 years - Commercially!

David has been handling all forms of pest control for the last four years in our office building, kennel buildings, outside kennel areas, training center and grooming facility. Like us he is a responsible pet owner, gardener and environmentally conscious.   He is highly knowledgeable of the products he uses, environmental impacts and safety.  He understands the importance of animal friendly pest control and uses the safest, most effective solutions for each of our various areas.  We work on a contract basis with him and find him to be responsible,. reliable, easy to do business with and cost competitive.

Karena C. - Aurora, CO


This guy is AMAZING..called in a panic about  1 mouse we had found in the basement. Rather than taking advantage  he spent 20 minutes on the phone giving me recommendations on what to do because since it was only one and, and it was dead, it wasn't a big deal.He made me feel so much  better and assured  me that of course  he would  come at any time but that I could probably  handle  it with his advice. The price he quoted  in case it came to that was insanely reasonable and I will definitely  use him... but hopefully  won't need to.

Slobhan T. - Aurora, CO

Very helpful & informative

David is theeee BEST!! After telling him my outrageous fear of the mouse I seen in my house, he made time to come and take care of the problem between his appointments. I didn't have a set appointment yet, but he took time out of his busy day to come and handle my mouse issue. I cant thank him enough. Very helpful and informative!

Breanna B. - Aurora, CO

They're Terricfic!

I have contracted David to do 90 day sweeps of our facility ... mostly because spiders scare the heck out of me and I want to ensure that I don't even SEE one.  He's terrific.  In the springtime he takes care of our trees to ensue that we don't have a tick problem, as we have dogs.  He is terrific about explaining what he is using, why, and any precautions we should take after application.  His prices are reasonable and he's on top of the 90 day check ups and we have had zero problems with anything of the pest/rodent/bug variety since David started protecting us.  Great company, and another reason I love dealing with a small business that is locally owned.

Karena C. - Aurora, CO

Take's care of my "pest" problem

I just met David (Owner) today and I must tell the world, this man is awesome. He is exactly the type of guy I want taking care of my "pest" problem. If you are looking for information or service ... give David a call and talk to him.  Did I mention he is awesome??

Daniel T. - Aurora, CO

Affordable & Professional

David, with My Pest Control, is excellent! David was very professional and the services are affordable. He got rid of our bad mice infestation, and came back on time to check on the progress! I would highly recommend My Pest Control Co

- Aurora, CO

They get the job done!

We had squirrels in our attic and they would wake us up at all hours. I called a couple of businesses and David at "My Pest Control Company" came out and so far he caught 4 squirrels! I highly recommend him.....he will get the job done.

- Aurora, CO

Prompt Service

I am very happy with My Pest Control Company. We had a terrible squirrel problem (they were stripping the bark off our trees!) and David took care of it. The service is prompt - - any time I called to let David know we'd trapped a squirrel He would take care of it right away.

- Aurora, CO