Carpenter Ant Pest Control Denver CO, Aurora Colorado

What To Know

Carpenter ants are one of the largest types of ants in the United States reaching up to 13 mm in length. Black is their most common color but can also be red or yellow. These ants are so-named because they like to establish colonies in moist, decaying, or damaged wood. They are found both indoors and out. Carpenter ants don’t actually eat wood but instead excavate galleries within wood in order to form nests. They eat a variety of human foods preferring meat, sweets, and parts of dead insects foraging mostly at night.

These ants build colonies and each colony consists of a queen, her brood, and worker ants. The queen lays the eggs while the workers are equipped with large mandibles to forage for food going solo or in groups. Each queen can lay up to 16 eggs in the first year and live up to 25 years.

Carpenter ants can cause extreme structural damage to your property if they’re not discovered in a timely manner and eradicated. They can be found under eaves, around windows, wooden decks, and porches. When they invade homes they take up residence in wood areas like baseboards.

What To Look For

  • Smooth galleries cut into wood inside homes or in damp, decaying wood or logs outdoors
  • Sawdust-like material near nests
  • Piles of rough wood shavings mixed with dead ant parts
  • Swarming winged ants that indicate a new colony being formed from an existing mature colony
  • Trails of worker ants foraging for food
  • A rustling sound from inside the wood in your home

What To Do

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