Brown Recluse Spiders Aurora Co

What To Know

Brown recluse spiders are brown, shy, and reclusive. They are also known as the fiddle back spider because of the fiddle-shaped mark clearly seen on its head pointing towards the rear of the spider. They vary in color from tan to dull yellow to dark brown and are about the size of a quarter when their legs are spread out. Females can produce around 150 spiderlings a year.

They tend to dwell in dark, sheltered areas and are commonly found in barns, piles of tires, around trash cans, in basements, attics, closets, and garages. Brown recluse spiders prefer dry, undisturbed places. Inside the home, these dreaded pests can be found hidden in cardboard boxes, inside shoes, clothing, gloves, behind baseboards, even inside furniture.

Brown recluse spiders build irregular-shaped webs at ground level near debris like outdoor woodpiles or among hidden items inside the home. These spiders are hunters and roam for prey rather than catch prey inside their webs. Brown recluse spiders feed on insects and are highly adaptive and capable of surviving without food or water for extended periods of time.

As their name states, brown recluse spiders are reclusive, typically non-aggressive, and usually flee when threatened. They rarely bite but can when provoked. Brown recluse bites often go unnoticed initially and most are minor. However, their venom can spread throughout the body in minutes and can destroy soft tissue. Serious bites can cause large wounds that take months to heal and leave deep scars. In extreme cases brown recluse bites can lead to death. So, avoid confrontation and infestation.

What To Look For

  • Irregular-shaped webs
  • Actual sightings of spiders
  • A telltale fiddle shape
  • Undisturbed piles or dark hiding places that can harbor them (like shoes or gloves or debris)

What To Do

Call the professionals @ My Pest Control: (303) 343-1701