Bed Bugs Aurora Co

What To Know

Bed bugs are small, flat (about the size of an apple seed). They need a source of blood and prefer to feed on humans when there is no activity or movement. Their bite is generally painless but can cause serious side effects for those who have a sensitivity to their saliva.

Females can lay 200-500 eggs in their lifetime and bed bugs can live up to one year. Since they multiply quickly, it’s best to catch bed bugs early on to stop and prevent further infestation.

Bed bugs are notorious hitchhikers so they can be brought in by purses, luggage, briefcases, gym bags, pre-owned furniture and other items – so, be on the look-out!

Bed bugs like to hide out on bed covers, mattresses, box springs, pillows, bed frames, headboards - even your living room recliner. And, they like dark cracks and crevices.

What To Look For

  • Small spots of blood on sheets or mattresses
  • A sweet odor in a room
  • The discarded skins that young bed bugs shed as they grow
  • Brown or black stains that are left behind as they defecate after feeding
  • Small eggs found in dark cracks and crevices.
  • Check on the backside of headboards and other hidden areas
  • Actual bed bug bites

What To Do

Call the professionals @ My Pest Control: (303) 343-1701